Mobile Cell Phone Cap Plans – Optus Business Australia

Cap plans are offered by all the major mobile phone carriers in Australia and have proven to be hugely popular. However do they give you a much value for money as you think?

The cap plans are all very similar between the major phone carriers; Optus, Telstra, and Vodafone all give you $550 worth of calling credit on a $79 cap.

It almost sounds too good to be true, and in some cases it is! The companies make their money by hiking up the call charges and connection costs. In some cases the true cost of making a call is three or four times as much as it would be on a non cap plan! An example of good value would be plan that gave me, say $89 of calling credit for the price of $79 but the call charges remain the same. That would be worth to me $10, instead I am almost tricked into thinking I am getting $471 for free when it could in fact cost me more, a lot more.

On the Optus Business Smart $79 cap the call charges are 30c per 30 seconds with a flagfall (connection charge) of 35c, so to make a one minute call it will cost you 95c. The same call on the Optus Yes Business Smart Plan would cost just 40c (Smart Rate.)

The pitfalls of a cap plan come into play if you are a high user or might use your mobile unpredictably, i.e. if you have a quiet month and your mobile usage is low, then the next month you are very busy and it’s almost glued to your ear. If you are on a Cap plan after your $550 of calling credit has run out you will continue to be billed at the rates above (95c for a 60 second call.) This could lead to a bill in the hundreds if not thousands of dollars!

However there is a market where Caps work, and work well. Caps can be great if you are on a budget; you can opt for a prepaid cap that you need to recharge every month after your calling credit of $550 has been reached, ensuring that you never receive a huge bill. Prepaid Caps are great for your teenage kids, you decide what cap they have $29, $39, $49 etc and when they use up all the calling credit then that’s it until next month (unless you are a soft touch dad like me!)

Other people that benefit from Caps, either Cap plans or Prepaid Caps are those that can guarantee they will not exceed the calling credit amount. They are receiving more talk time for their money and know they will not exceed the limit.

With the Optus Business Smart Cap there are other benefits such as: Free unlimited voicemail, and a choice between SMART FLEET – Free calls, SMS, and MMS 24/7 to other mobile on your business account or BUSINESS TIME – free five minute calls to three number 24/7, either standard fixed line or Optus mobile numbers. You can also receive the first two months free if you sign a 24 month agreement and bring your own phone with you.

Whatever carrier you decide to use, ensure that the sales person gives you ALL the options available to you. There are numerous plans out there and usually one to fit the needs of everyone. Sometimes sales people can be guilty of pushing Caps on to consumers as they are perceived to be easier to sell because the customer thinks they are getting a massive amount of calling credit for free! Ensure that you find out the true cost of making a call and that the salesperson for fills YOUR needs and not their own.

Scott MacLean: A published author, Telecommunications Professional, Sale Trainer, and Public Speaker.

Scott MacLean’s background is with Telewest Broadband (UK) and as a company owner, after moving to Melbourne with his family in 2007 Scott was approached by a company representing, the second largest telecommunication company in Australia and offered a position to provide expert advice to business customers, implement sales training programs and to represent the company at association events.

Mobile Cell Phones Are About to Be Disabled

Well, good news is on its way in the war against cell phone addicted drivers who make driving hazardous due to their inattention. No this isn’t a new law enforcement gig, or a radar-tracking device to detect cell phone signals while the driver is piloting over 2,000 pounds of steel.

It’s not even a new law brought into being by a state legislature. California and New York have the right idea with a ban on cell phones while driving without a headset. Sure that gives the driver two hands, but it doesn’t give them their attention span when they’re talking to someone.

We’ve all been there and done that. You get into a heated conversation with someone and your attention is on “him or her,” not on your driving. This split attention trick is OK if you happen to be at home, but while driving it can mean the difference between getting to your destination unharmed or having a nasty smash up.

What’s so new that we could get excited about in the war against cell phones being used while behind the wheel of a car? Thanks to some tech savvy Canadian entrepreneurs, there is a new device on the market that actually disables cell phones for real-time talking. And not just that – it shuts them down so they can’t text or receive messages either.

That’s the other dangerous thing that a lot of younger drivers are doing these days, texting while steering a car. Hello? The consequences of this have the potential to kill.

This new device, created by Aegis Mobility, is called DriveAssistT and here is how it works. It’s simple, yet beautifully complex and innovative! The cell phone shuts down while it is moving at a speed associated with a vehicle. This takes the decision to use the cell phone right out of the driver’s hands and puts safety back behind the wheel – along with some common sense.

Compare this new gadget to a Breathalyzer installed in a car that keeps drunk drivers from starting their engines. DriveAssistT keeps yakjacks from doing anything with their cell phones while they’re on the road. Law enforcement will love this invention.

Inside this device is a motion detector that figures out if the phone is moving. If it is, it will send a signal to the cell phone carrier to hold ALL messages until the driver is done.

The DriveAssistT is due out sometime in 2009 and may cost about $10 to $20 a month when rented from your cell phone service provider. This is chump change when you consider over 42 thousand people die in car crashes every year, and 7% of those accidents are as a result of people talking on cell phones while driving.

Top Tips for Getting a Mobile Cell Phone

The primary factors to consider are:

a) The functions you want in a phone.

The features you want in a service plan.

The carrier with the best reception.

The total lowest cost solution.

b) Consider the network technology;When selecting a phone and service plan, it is helpful to know there are two competing technologies: CDMA and GSM. The carrier selects a technology for its network and the phone you purchase must be compatible.If your carrier is Verizon or Sprint (who both use CDMA), choosing a phone goes hand in hand with the process of signing up for service. The phone is tied to your contract.

However, if your service is with Cingular or T-Mobile (who both use GSM), it is much easier to switch phones. This is because GSM phones contain thumbnail-sized SIM cards, which connect your phone to a specific telephone number and calling plan. Thus, if you want to use a new phone, you need only take the SIM card out of your old phone and insert it in the new one.

c) Look at the service providers;Once you hone in on a specific type of phone, the next place to focus is on which phone company to use. There are four national carriers who provide service in most U.S. metropolitan areas: Cingular, Verizon, Sprint/Nextel and T-Mobile.

d) Whenever possible, test before you buy;Generally speaking, cell phone reception has more to do with the quality of the network than the particular phone.Ask around among your friends to see who has what service. If you can, talk a friend into loaning you a phone for a day to try out the reception in all the places that are important to you.

f) Save big by signing up for new service;You always score the best deal on a cell phone by signing up for new service. If you are at the end of an existing contract, either switch service providers or cancel with your current provider and then sign back up as a new customer. When you switch from one carrier to another, you can take your number with you. However, there is no practical way to sign up as new with your current provider while still keeping your old number. Therefore, if you like your current carrier and want to sign up for another term, you will have to choose between getting the best price or keeping your number.

g) Buy through a third-party merchant;The cell carriers never offer the best deals directly. We have found that Amazon and offer the best deals on most new cell phones. This is because the carriers pay them money to send new customers. The merchants use some of that referral money to create additional purchase incentives for you.

h) Consider canceling an existing plan to upgrade;If you are ready to upgrade your phone but have more time left on an old service commitment you are not necessarily locked in. Often times, with a free after rebate deal, it is still cheaper to cancel your old contract, incur the penalty fee and then initiate a new service deal than it is to upgrade your phone through your existing carrier. The pricing difference can be that significant. However, be sure to run the numbers before you make a move because every situation is different.

i) What type of return policy is available;When you are researching your options and signing up for your phone, make note of the return policy. Most plans specify a short window during which you can cancel the service, return the phone and get full money back. If possible, time your purchase so that as soon as you receive your phone you can test it heavily during that period. If you are not happy, return it immediately.

There is no need to pay hundreds of dollars to upgrade to a cool new phone. Employing the strategies outlined above should help you find the best phone and service plan for your needs at minimal cost.

Mobile Cell Phone History – Wireless Communications

Children today consider wireless phones as necessary and usual in daily life. They don’t know a time without them being prevalent. But that was not the case in 1973 when Martin Cooper made his first cellular phone call from a New York City street and New Yorkers stared gaping at him. But the history of cell phone starts further back in time.

The history of cell phones or wireless communications must start with Samuel Morse. He introduced the concept of wireless by conduction when he transmitted a telegraph signal through water. His telegraph was the first device to transmit messages by electricity.

Then in 1843 a man by the name of Michael Faraday studied to see if space could conduct electricity. In 1865 a dentist, Dr. Mahlon Loomis was the first person to communicate through wireless via the atmosphere. He came up with the idea of transmitting and receiving messages using the atmosphere as a conductor and sending up kites covered with copper screens that were linked to the ground with copper wires. Loomis was awarded a $50,000 research grant by congress.

But let us move forward to the twentieth century and the invention of the cell or wireless phone as we know it today. This brings us to a man often referred to as the father of the cell phone, Martin Cooper. He was employed by Motorola and worked on developing the first hand held radios made for the Chicago police department in 1967. He then went on to lead Motorola’s cellular research.

AT&T’s, Bell Laboratories introduced the idea of cellular communication in 1947. Through the 60′ and 70’s Motorola and Bell Laboratories were in a race to incorporate the technology into portable devices.

On April 3, 1973 Martin Cooper won the race when he placed the first cell phone call to his rival at AT&T. Motorola introduced the 16-ounce “DynaTAC” phone into commercial service in 1983, at a cost to the consumer of $3,500. It weighed 2.5 lbs. took 10 hours to charge with 35 minutes of talk time. Features were limited to dial, listen and talk. This was commonly referred to as the Brick.

In 1977 cell phones went public. Chicago was the first city to trial cell phones with 2000 customers.

In 1983 Motorola, with the help of Martin Cooper, introduced the 16-ounce “DynaTAC” the first truly portable cellular phone. This phone took 15 years and a cost of over 100 million dollars to come to market. The cost to the consumer was $3500. It weighed 2.5 lbs., took 10 hours to charge and allowed 35 minutes of talk time. Features were limited to dial, listen and talk.

From 1983 to the late 1980″s 1st generation cellular or car phones as they were often called became very popular. Most were not hand held but rather installed in cars or bag phones.

In 1988 the CTIA (Cellular Technology Industry Association) was founded.

In the early 1990’s second generation or 2G phones came onto the market. They were able to work on GSM, TDMA, and CDMA technology. 2G digital networks were online and replacing the analog network frequencies making them virtually obsolete. The phones became much smaller and portable and usage soared.

Currently third generation or 3G phones are the technology available today. 3G phones include innovations that allow them to receive more than just phone calls. For example Internet access and email capability and streaming video.

In December 2005 the wireless industry in the US surpassed the 200 million subscriber mark. In 2006 that number grew to 233 million subscribers with 12.8% of households being totally wireless. There are 195,613 cell sites making this possible.

The Importance of Flexible Business Monitoring

Owning a business, it means that you have to be serious in running it and making profit out of it. Otherwise, the business will get you nothing but loss. That is why we need to know exactly how to run the business well and how the business performs. Monitoring the business for 24/7 is sometimes really necessary to keep the profit grows on and on. As the business owner, you really need to keep an eye on the business data, sales revenue, cost and incomes, and so on.

Monitoring all that is impossible to be done on your own. At least, you will have to hire an assistant or manager to take care of everything including the business growth. Fortunately, today we are living in a modern world where everything can be done easily using software, computer, and applications. The advance technology even allows us to do the flexible business monitoring that we can just use anytime and anywhere.

One of the best ways to get the flexible business monitoring these days is using software like MicroStrategy. This software can bring a huge benefit for any business owner because the software can do exactly like a business assistant does. It can maintain and keep an eye on the sales revenue, cost and incomes, and it can even give you the business data to review. That is why if you want to be successful with no fuss, you can use this kind of software. If you have no idea how to use the software, you can always get the MicroStrategy tutorials available online. You will be taught how to use the software so that you can get to use the software easily. It will really enhance your business and make it grows bigger. Surely, it will bring you better and bigger income as of the most recommended online tutorials is TekSlate for sure. Here you can get the best knowledge from professional tutors. So, just sign up for the class and take the class from home. It is as easy as ABCs and everyone can do it.

Tilden Task, For Well Organized and Developed WordPress Website

Nowadays, people become familiar with website and even use wordpress website for business. However, wordpress website becomes one of many things that are used by internet users. Moreover, it is accessed every day.  However, in order to make the business become successful, it is very important to maintain the website and update the article regularly. But, website is not only about releasing and updating the article regularly but also maintain the wordpress website correctly. And it is not an easy task to do alone.

Maintain the website includes many things such as market analysis, email integration, search engine optimization, and many more. Therefore, as it is mentioned before that maintain website is not an easy task to do alone. In order to manage and maintain website, tilden tasks will help. It has many function and task to do with wordpress website. It will help to support website and maintain it as well. It is an expert that will help to developing the website and do the maintain task in order to make the website and develop, and as the result is the business that is running on the wordpress website will also develop as well.

However, tilden tasks computer service also provides strategy to make the website better and develop it. Therefore, the traffic of the website will increase because it also manages the search engine optimization issue.  The other task of the Tilden is managing and performing review of the website. It is not only managing the review but also managing the feedback as well.

Looking from its task and benefit, Tilden will take the task that you can’t handle and you are able to focus on the other area that need your concern in order to create developed website and take benefit of high traffic that will increase the business as well.

The Skill AndProwess Of Women Escort In Bangalore

Summary:The escorts are now serving corporate clients. The ability to speak in the language of the client adds value, the Women Escort In Bangalore are best at it.

The escorts need to know many tricks to survive the gruelling tests of the profession. The demand for the escort service is now expanding, and the job is getting tougher. The service is centred on the personalized care and companionship, as usual, but the job of handling corporate clients had made it more difficult. The demand is now high for multilingual escorts. If the escort can speak the tongue, then she will have more edge. The client will feel free to talk to the escort in his mother tongue and feel safe.

The alien tongue

The primary purpose of the escort service is to provide quality companionship. And the companionship is like a bond, and it becomes a perfect gel when the client can trust the escort and feel safe with her. It is, therefore, a very big plus for an escort to know a foreign tongue. But, your knowledge will be incomplete if you have no idea about their culture and tradition. Every nation has their unique tradition and culture; it is necessary to have a working knowledge of this score. The Women Escort In Bangalore are very competent and professional in this matter.

Learning the language

It sounds demanding and in fact, it is, but the new generation has always taken things in their stride and break new ground and opened up new possibilities. The new role has nothing changed from the concept of companionship; it has only expanded the horizon. You will perform the same duties as an escort, but it will be in another form and another backdrop. It will increase your brand value, and you will be most sought after by the corporate clients. Therefore, take the cue and learn your favourite language and get familiar with their customs and serve the overseas clients.

Breaking the barrier

The main idea is that you will be able to communicate with them in their term, and you will be able to replace the need for an interpreter an unnecessary appendage in any adventure while you are having fun with your client. It is true that the language of joy is universal, and the expression of elation needs no language, but it is not possible to exchange pleasantries that will appear all Hebrew to you. So, get ready and break the barrier.

How to Find Out Who the Owner of a Mobile Cell Phone Number Is Anonymously and Fast

If you would like to find out who the owner of a mobile cell phone number is, and do it anonymously then this short how-to article is just for you. This also works for landline telephone numbers too. Even unlisted ones.

There are many possible reasons why you might want to uncover who the owner of a number is. It could be a prank caller, an unrecognized telephone number on your latest phone bill, or even a suspicious number that you found on your partners mobile phone! Whatever the reason, thanks to the technology available to us today, it is no longer only the CIA who can retrieve the full low-down on any given phone number. You and I have that power as well.

It is also worth mentioning here that you can do this with complete privacy. You will remain utterly anonymous in the process, which by the way is very quick and simple to do. You only need the number that you are curious about, and to enter it in to what is commonly known as a reverse phone look up service. These are on-line service providers whose sole purpose is to collect and compile accurate and up to date records on listed and unlisted phone numbers (both mobile and land line).

You will learn:

Who the owner is (first name and surname)
The owners current address
Other household members
Possible neighbours and relatives
Location map
Other phone numbers that belong to the owner
Previous addresses

Ready to perform your search?